Go - See what packages my app imports

It’s often practical to see what packages your app is importing. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple way to do that, however it is doable via the go list tool and using templates.

Go to your app and run the following.

$ go list -f '{{join .Deps "\n"}}' |  xargs go list -f '{{if not .Standard}}{{.ImportPath}}{{end}}'

Here is an example with the clirescue refactoring example:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/GoBootcamp/clirescue
$ go list -f '{{join .Deps "\n"}}' | xargs go list -f '{{if not .Standard}}{{.ImportPath}}{{end}}'

If you want the list to also contain standard packages, edit the template and use:

$ go list -f '{{join .Deps "\n"}}' |  xargs go list -f '{{.ImportPath}}'
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